Its important to ensure your vehicle is road worthy especially when getting ready for a long trip out of town. It is no fun being stranded on the side of the road waiting for a service vehicle to come to the rescue.


PDQ Tire offers a  "Free 12 - Point Vehicle Inspection" to get you where you're going. 

12  Point Inspection features:

1. Inspect Tires and Tread Depth and Spare

2. Visually Inspect Brake System

3. Inspect Wiper Blades

4. Inspect Engine Oil

5. Inspect Transmission Oil

6. Inspect Brake Oil

7. Inspect Windshield Washer Fluid

8. Inspect Radiator for Leaks and Fluid

9. Inspect  Drive Belts

10. Inspect Hoses

11. Inspect A/C Cooling

12. Inspect Head and Tail Lights

We offer parts replacement and fluid level top off for an added cost. Price varies.